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About Andrea


Andrea KinKaid has been an integral part of the Colorado design community since 2001. She has won numerous Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Awards and was recently named one of the top Best Interior Designer Services in Colorado Springs by

Andrea is a full service residential specialist with expertise in new construction, home re-design, interior styling and furnishings. Her personal studio showroom allows clients a comfortable setting in which to create a home that looks great and supports their lifestyle.

New construction projects can be managed from start to finish. Andrea works with architects, builders, contractors and subcontractors, to ensure a home’s successful completion. Her knowledge of construction detail from the blueprint to finishes, lighting, and furnishings guarantees stunning results.

Andrea also provides home re-design and refresh. Her process includes construction consultation, lighting and fixture selection, materials and fabric selection as well as furnishing and accessory choices.

Allow Andrea KinKaid to tailor her passion and expertise to your design needs!


"Hello and thanks for stopping by my website. My hope is that what you will find here reflects how I feel about home design – that is should truly speak to how you live. This is my passion, started nearly twenty years ago with a paint brush and eventually growing into a full-service design company.

Having raised my own family in Colorado, I truly believe that home is our sanctuary. It is my goal to understand the wishes and dreams of my clients, and guide them through a design plan for their home. It has to be beautiful. It has to be functional. But mostly, it has to be a reflection of you.

I recognize the tremendous trust my clients place in me. That is why I am so grateful when they see the results of our work – and are thrilled! In the end, all that matters is that you feel great about your home."

-Andrea Kinkaid



Parade of Homes Winner for Best Interior Design